Does Steven Moffat Regret Decision To Leave Doctor Who?

“He pretty much ‘is’ Doctor Who”, was the quote Matt Smith gave to Timey Wimey Fandom Show host, Juliette Boland upon learning that Steven Moffat had announced his planned departure from the long running hit BBC series, Doctor Who, earlier this year.  Smith went on to call Moffat one of the “greatest writers” ever to be involved in the series. This past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, TAC’s 14 year-old journalist, Boland, was able to ask Moffat what he thought of Smith’s comments.


 While Moffat was clearly touched by the kind words, he revealed a bit of apprehension over his impending departure. The Doctor Who showrunner has since sought out the advice of other DW graduates to ask how they fared in a ‘life after Doctor Who’ world. Everyone from David Tennant to Russell T. Davies weighed in on their post-Doctor life. The best advice came from the 11th Doctor himself who cautioned, “Don’t leave!”. What was Moffat’s reaction and does he regret his decision?  

While change is a hard thing, (many of us did not want to see David Tennant or Matt Smith hang up their sonic screwdrivers),  it always opens up the doors for new and exciting chapters in the Time Lord’s life. Taking Moffat’s place will be former Broadchurch show runner, Chris Chibnall, who will take over the series after the 10th season and we all look forward to seeing what new direction he might take our favorite TARDIS-flying time traveler. 

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