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TAC Studios is proud to present

Marlise’s Sense and SensibiliTeas

An exciting new multi-media project, brought to you by TAC Studios, celebrating the time-honored British tradition of afternoon tea. Co-hosted by Marlise Boland and Elyse Ashton.

Marlise Boland has become an afternoon tea connoisseur having traveled around the globe for the past 20 years experiencing afternoon tea at some of the world’s most unique and famous tea rooms. From the white gloved tea service aboard Cunard’s legendary Queen Elizabeth II to l’heure du thé at Paris’s most renown tearoom Ladurée, from a traditional Japanese tea ceremony with the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture to a pre-safari afternoon tea at Giraffe Manor in Kenya, and from London’s Afternoon Tea Bus to the quintessential afternoon tea experience at the Ritz, London, Marlise has experienced and taken copious notes of them all. Now she is here to share them with you in a most unique way along with award-winning co-host, Elyse Ashton.  


The Langham’s tribute to Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday in The Queen’s Royal Tea!

London’s Most Unique Afternoon Tea Experience!

The Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

For Marlise, the most unique and exciting teatime experience was the Afternoon Tea Bus Tour in London – presented aboard a vintage Routemaster double-decker bus while enjoying the iconic sites of London. In 2014, Marlise sat down with the owner of the Tea Bus Tour, Philippe Bloch, who shared with her how he created the brilliant idea of combining two of an Anglophile’s greatest pastimes: afternoon tea and sight-seeing around London!


The Afternoon Tea Bus Tour – Marlise’s choice for Most Unique Afternoon Tea experience!

What did Marlise learn in her quest for the perfect afternoon tea? Who in the world serves the most authentic afternoon tea? What is the difference between Devonshire Cream and clotted cream? Which are her favorites?  All will be covered in Marlise’s Sense and Sensibiliteas with a special guest appearance by famed Executive Pastry Chef and star of Bake Off: Creme de la Creme, Cherish Finden.

Afternoon Tea at Dolly’s in Selfridges

How does visiting Dolly’s for tea compare to the hit television series?  In this fun new episode Marlise shares the excitement of shopping and enjoying a nice hot cuppa at one of London’s most famed department stores.


Tea at Selfridge’s Dollys! How does it compare to the hit television series?

Featuring Appearances by Award-Winning,

Timey Wimey Fandom Host

Juliette Boland

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Macaroons or Macaron’s? Tea at Laduree Harrods is one place to find out!

Marlise inspects a delicate strawberry macaron designed especially for Her Majesty's 90th birthday!

Marlise inspects a delicate strawberry macaron designed especially for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday!

 You may not be able to have afternoon tea with Her Majesty The Queen, but you can still have afternoon tea aboard The Queen Mary! Set sail with Tea with the Commodore. This episode was part of The Anglophile Channel’s GREAT British Afternoon Tea-Off , but we will re-visit this iconic royal treasure in a future episode of Sense and SensibiliTeas! 

The Sense and SensibiliTeas series is filmed in part at Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena and on location in the UK.

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Pinkies Up! It’s Teatime with Marlise’s Sense and SensibiliTeas! Coming Soon!   (Photo: Tea at The Ritz)