The Team from The Anglophile Channel (L-R) BBC Comedy Star/Host Kelly Monteith, Music Composer Richard Allen, Dish Host Elyse Ashton, Journalist/Host Juliette Boland, Creator/Producer, Marlise Boland, Director/Editor/Host Paul Boland


The Anglophile Channel was born from the imagination of its creator, Marlise Boland, who, thanks to the encouragement of her husband, Paul Boland, decided to create a project based on her fascination and love of Britain! Marlise enjoyed spending time there so what better way than to have a creative project that called for her to travel to the UK to produce content on a regular basis? It seemed like a win-win situation. When Marlise launched The Anglophile Channel on Facebook in 2013 she figured that no one would notice or pay attention to her little passion project. Little did Marlise know that there were millions of others around the world just like her – Anglophiles, all looking for a way to share in their love, appreciation – and okay, we’ll say it, obsession of all things Britannia.

The Anglophile Channel (TAC) was created from whole cloth, with no financial backing, business partners, equipment, a studio, or even knowledge of how to go about creating a digital media channel. Paul joined the effort by learning how to film and edit videos, while Marlise concentrated on building a social media presence and website. The first red carpet they were invited to was a Celebration of Downton Abbey event during BritWeek in May of 2013. They had no idea what they were doing….

Fast forward to six years, 500 videos, seven web-series and some thirty-odd nominations and awards later, The Anglophile Channel is an entertainment network and brand that is recognized and loved by fans worldwide and respected by many in the British entertainment industry. With relationships forged with the British Consulate Los Angeles, BAFTA LA, BritWeek as well as noted British companies such as Mammoth Screen, Carnival Films, BBC, SKY and more, The Anglophile Channel has fast become a new-media brand to watch.

With all that has been accomplished in six short years, The Anglophile Channel still remains a small tight-knit family of team members dedicated to producing entertaining content for its audience. We’d like you to meet, in-depth, our amazing team that has made The Anglophile Channel what it is today! Here are their stories:

Marlise Boland


Bio Coming Soon

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Paul Boland


Bio Coming Soon

On The Red Carpet for BAFTA/LA Pre-Golden Globe event.

Elyse Ashton

Dish Show Host/Blogger

Bio Coming Soon

Juliette Boland

One-Camera Host/Journalist

Bio Coming Soon

Kelly Monteith

Host of BritFlix: Kelly, Paul and (Two Buck) Chuck

Bio Coming Soon!

Kelly Monteith meets Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Kelly also performed in the presence of HRH, Princess Anne.

Richard Allen, Composer

Bio Coming Soon

Meghan McKillop

Social Media/Blogger

Bio Coming Soon

Not only the best Social Media Manager on the web, Meghan is also a huge Anglophile. Perfect fit for our team!

What The Producers of Downton Abbey Have To Say About The Anglophile Channel!

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