The Anglophile Reality Series

Welcome to the world’s first web-series about Anglophiles and all who love…nay, are obsessed with…British culture: “Stories from The Anglo-Files” follows a group of American women, all self-proclaimed Anglophiles and each with a secret desire to escape their over-booked, monotonous, stressed out lives in America and journey to England to immerse themselves in their Anglophile fantasies. Each one is more unique and passionate than the next. Join us as we introduce you to the first of our Anglophile ladies! Which Anglophile would YOU like to see let loose on the streets of London in pursuit of their Anglophile fantasies? Which fantasy would YOU like to see realized? Who will be our “Ultimate Anglophile”? Stay tuned!

 Episode One: Meet Julie

Julie’s Anglophile obsession began with KateMania. In fact, she may very well have started it all. What do you think her secret Anglophile fantasy is?

Episode Two: Meet Elyse

Elyse loves English literature so much she can imagine herself immersed in Jane Austen’s world, bonnet securely fastened and dancing the Quadrille with her secret obsession. Who is it?

Episode Three: Meet Dawn

Dawn can not get through her interview with out tearing up over her memories of living in England. Will she ever get back there?

Episode Four: Meet Dandi

Dandi is a “unique” Anglophile with connections dating back to Henry VIII. Who is she distantly related to?

Episode Five: Meet Sonya

Our Rock n Roll Anglophile has one secret desire…and it involves Mick Jagger! What would she like to do to him?

Episode Six: Meet Joan

What famous British comedy troop can this funny Anglophile quote while wearing Burberry?

And stay tuned for MORE “Stories From The Anglo-Files” Coming in 2014! Which of our lucky Anglophiles will see THEIR Anglophile dream come true? Subscribe to The Anglophile Channel on YouTube to find out!



4 Responses to The Anglophile Reality Series

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