It’s Teatime in Hollywood!

Each year  BAFTA Los Angeles hosts one of the most exciting pre-Emmy award parties of the season…the BAFTA TV TEA: Hollywood’s most glamorous tea party. It’s a time when Emmy nominees can catch a bit of respite during a busy award season. I got to talk to some of my favorite Emmy nominees just before they popped in for a cucumber sandwich and a nice hot cuppa! Enjoy: 


*Juliette Boland is a proud member of Los Angeles Press Club and a SENIOR at Orange County School of the Arts, Musical Theatre Conservatory where she is on the Journalism staff and President of SPOTLIGHT ON. Her work can also be seen on Los Angeles Times High School Insider. Proud BOARD MEMBER of the Thespian Honor Society and recipient of the 2019 Harvardwood Prize for Achievement in Arts & Entertainment.