Kelly Monteith’s BBC Memories

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Kelly Monteith’s BBC Memories

Kelly Monteith was known as a ground-breaking comedian in the early 80’s. After being discovered as a guest on NBC’s The Tonight Show and the BBC’s Des O’Connor Tonight, Kelly was offered his own series by the BBC. Kelly Monteith premiered in 1979 and ran for six series. It was noted for often breaking the fourth wall by showing Monteith in his dressing room before and after a scene. The Kelly Monteith series went on to win the Silver Rose for the BBC at the Montreux Television Festival in Switzerland. In the U.S the Kelly Monteith series was rerun on the A & E Network

JOIN US EACH WEEK as Kelly Monteith shares some of his favorite memories from his series and what it was like as an American working and living in London.

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