Doctor, I Let You Go: A Farewell to 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi

“Doctor, I Let You Go”

Farewell to 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi

By Juliette  Boland

First Streamed: January 4 2018

In the most heartbreaking episode of Season 10 of the hit BBC series, Doctor Who, we say goodbye to my favorite Doctor, Peter Capaldi. In our farewell piece to the 12th Doctor, the cast share with me their favorite moments on the set and what it was like working with the legendary Peter Capaldi – who also gives me his VERY unique reaction to what it was like for the Doctor to regenerate into a woman! 

Capaldi has been The Doctor for as long as I’ve hosted The Timey Wimey Show. I’ve enjoyed covering the show and interviewing him over the years but now it’s time to say goodbye and usher in a new era of Doctor Who. It is very hard but, Doctor, I let you go.

Enjoy! xo, Juliette Boland


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