William, Catherine and Harry Wish Team GB Good Luck! #BringOnTheGreat

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry send a message of support to athletes competing in the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

A lovely message from our favorite Royal Trio as Team GB gears up for tonight’s opening ceremony in Rio. 


Prince Harry, host of the Invictus Games for injured soldiers and veterans, supported the athletes with this message, “Each member of Team GB will have a unique journey, but they all share the same aim, to deliver the best performance they possibly can.”

Catherine, who herself is a great athlete says in the video, “We are all so excited to see what can be achieved in Rio.”

Unfortunately the Royal Trio will not be attending the 2016 Summer Games but Harry did cheer them on with, “Let’s top 2012,” Prince Harry told Team GB. “Bring on the great.”


Lady Anglophile….flying the flag high for Team GB!

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