Benedict Cumberbatch Receives CBE From The Queen [PHOTOS]

He is already considered royalty amongst the Cumberfans and acting elite and now Buckingham Palace has honored Benedict Cumberbatch with a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire! (CBE

Benedict Cumberbatch, CBE

Benedict Cumberbatch, CBE

Presented by The Queen at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace, the Sherlock star was honored for his work as an actor and his charitable efforts.


Proud moment for Benedict Cumberbatch, now a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

It’s not always guaranteed that Her Majesty will be the one performing the investiture and oftentimes the honoree does not even find out who it will be (Prince Charles, Prince William etc.) until he walks into the ballroom at Buckingham!  Imagine Benedict’s excitement when he walked in and saw The Queen waiting to bestow this great honor upon him.


Honored by The Queen herself! A truly momentous occasion in the actor’s life!

Speaking to the BBC after the ceremony Cumberbatch said, “It’s fantastic, it’s quite nerve-wracking, there is nothing really that prepares you for it.


“It’s fantastic, it’s quite nerve-wracking, there is nothing really that prepares you for it.”

“It’s a unique occasion and I feel very privileged to be here and flattered to be recognized in this way.” He added: “It was wonderful, it was the first time I’ve ever met her and to meet her and be honored by her was extraordinary.”

According to the British Monarchy site, recipients can bring up to three friends or relations to the investiture with them. Guests are invited to sit in the audience to witness the occasion. Benedict naturally brought his lovely wife, theatre director,  Sophie Hunter, to be by his side. 


Mr and Mrs Benedict Cumberbatch after the investiture ceremony.

Benedict recently completed a three-month run in Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Barbican, and is currently starring in Black Mass opposite Johnny Depp. So what’s next for this bright and talented star? Perhaps knighthood??  Sir Benedict Cumberbatch…that does have a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Congratulations to Benedict on this great honor!

Lady Anglophile…Raising a glass of champagne in a toast to Cumberbatch!

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2 Responses to Benedict Cumberbatch Receives CBE From The Queen [PHOTOS]

  1. sally mcbride says:

    verra nice…. but why is sam hueghson not being awarded at least a MBE from the queen???
    or is Scotland not so much???

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