The Downton Dish Reacts To Downton Abbey News with Marlise Boland and Elyse Ashton

The Downton Dish has weighed in with their reaction over yesterday’s shocking news that Downton Abbey will end it’s immensely successful run after Season 6.

The Dish ladies, Marlise Boland and Elyse Ashton, do not seem to be taking it too well….


The Downton Dish, a successful web-chat-series dedicated to Downton Abbey has received positive feedback from fans who have enjoyed the “Dish” hosts and their crazy antics over 9 episodes covering all of Downton Abbey Season 5.  Fun locations such as visits to Rose Tree Cottage and the historic Queen Mary, plus interviews with Downton Abbey notables Julian Fellowes, Allen Leech, Tom Cullen have set Downton Dish apart from any other recap show online…or indeed on television.

Although Boland has joked that Downton Dish must end it’s run after Season 2, both hosts are incredibly sad to have to say goodbye to their favorite British aristocrats and their loyal servants.

For MORE episodes, visit the Downton Dish page:

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1 Response to The Downton Dish Reacts To Downton Abbey News with Marlise Boland and Elyse Ashton

  1. Peggy Murphy says:

    How exciting! Tea at Rose Cottage! I can’t wait! Another wonderful Downton Dish episode! Marlise and Elyse are terrific! The Commodore was great!

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