Richard Armitage LIVE Twitter Q&A from Paris!

In case you have yet to discover our “Richard Armitage’s Final Journey To Hobbiton” page, we have included today’s LIVE Tweet fest with Warner Bros France. Here it is in its entirety: and don’t forget to check in with our dedicated page for updates! More premieres to come!

Live Q&A #AskThorin

Live Twitter Q&A From Paris…BYO champagne.


First Tweet from City of Love with La Tour Eiffel in the background. Beautiful!…the tower’s not bad either 😉


On the way to the LIVE Twitter session. If you have to be stuck in traffic…this is  not a bad place for it:


And now for the Twitter Q & A with WarnerBros France…in case you missed it:

RA English Translation: Now it’s time for your questions. Send them with #Ask Thorin


RA: Yes, I met Yael Farber in New York on some projects. It will be a surprise.


RA: Today it’s Bastille @bastilledan and Sam Smith @SamSmithWorld


RA: “Pilgrimage”, a film in which my character speaks 11th century French


RA: A little bit, like “a little wine”


RA: One as much as the other!


RA: I read the “Lord of the Rings” several times. I just finished “The Goldfinch” and it’s great.


RA: 10 years older with the face of Thorin (Admin: I’ll take it!)


RA: It was the lightest of all the costumes. But in order to wear it you had to use an electric drill. (Admin: This can’t be right…??)


RA: Stop throwing up, get up and continue to fight!



RA: Go for it? (Lets go? Like the 10th Doctor…)



RA: (No question found)


RA: I would make it more attentive to his nephews on the battlefield.



RA: Very moved, relieved…and I went to the toilet. (Ok..TMI)


RA: My socks of the day!


RA: We’re both stubborn like a pig.


RA: Thorin but the pillows would be filled with bricks. (Funny!)


RA: Wine every time. (Somebody is going to owe me a bottle after this tour is over…) 😉


RA: “The Phantom Menace” because I’m in it somewhere.

And that would be here:

I spy with my little eye...Thorin Oakenshield!

I spy with my little eye…Thorin Oakenshield!



Q: What is your greatest weakness?

RA: I always have to be right.


Q: What are your favorite films that you’re not in. Any French films? Thank you very much.

RA: Queen Margot by Patrice Chéreau



RA: The beard was real.


RA: Gollum! One of my teachers imitated him like Andy Serkis.


RA: “See Fire”


RA: No socks or aftershave but an Astin Martin please! (Gosh, hope I kept the receipts…)


Q: You said you’d like to have more of a sense of humor. Do you think you did not have one before this adventure?

RA: Yes, Peter and Martin taught me how to laugh at myself.


RA: Two seconds, I’ll look…”Pompeii” by Bastille (And there goes the sales for that song!)


RA: The final battle


RA: Crepes and a glass of red wine.


RA: Humor, compassion and empathy.


RA: Skiing in Haute-Savoie


RA: I can tie a tie, but not a bowtie.


RA: I brought it to New Zealand with me (wow, that must have cost a pretty penny….) it came back with me and is now with my brother.


RA: The Orcrist. It’s legendary.


RA: Gandalf in The Prancing Pony with a beer.


RA: Eating


RA: I’ve no idea but I’d pay a lot of money to see this.


RA: The deep water


RA: And Japanese horror films


RA: Flute, violin (or cello??) and guitar. But not all three at the same time.


RA: He has the imagination of a child and a cup of tea that never ends.


Q: What is your favorite TV show?

RA: I just finished Fargo. That’s the best series I’ve seen in the last ten years.


Q: (Admin) Could not find original question.

RA: Two seconds while I search ‘jokes’ in Google


Q: The cast of Suicide Squad was revealed yesterday. If you were to play a superhero, who would you play?

RA: The Invisible Man


RA: Michael Fassbender. (Question missing)


RA: I’m doing it right now…The Hobbit!


WB: “That’s all for today. Thank you for your questions. See you soon”

 Lady Anglophile…just a Twitter Queen today!

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2 Responses to Richard Armitage LIVE Twitter Q&A from Paris!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a million! You are the best 🙂

  2. Doris Dunn says:

    i will miss seeing Thorin but wish to thank you for taking me along on the adventure, I will bring my hankies as I am sure I will need them.

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