A Message From Prince William Regarding “Ebola Is Real” Film

Prince William released a video today expressing his concern over the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, and expresses his admiration for healthcare workers who have travelled to disease hit areas to help people.

Shot quickly in an office at Kensington Palace, in this video The Duke mentions “Ebola is Real”, a video by a small group of local filmmakers called Future View based in Sierra Leone and supported here in the UK by Purple Field Productions.

The Duke is following developments closely and became aware of the video, which offers practical advice and information on the precautions people can take to avoid getting and spreading the disease.

HRH was keen to show his support for this local initiative and recorded a message to help promote the video, as part of the social information campaign that is taking place in West Africa.

The Duke’s message can be viewed here:

and The Ebola Is Real Film:

Thank you Prince William!






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