A Message From Benedict Cumberbatch

A Message From Benedict Cumberbatch

To His Wonderful Fans

A Christmas Wish from Benedict Cumberbatch

A Christmas Wish from Benedict Cumberbatch

‘I’m so lucky to have such supportive and generous fans. Nothing would make me happier though than for their love, time, effort and money to be channelled towards people who are really in need at Christmas. Homeless charities, humanitarian organisations and human rights charities all deserve our support. If that seems too impersonal for you or you don’t have any money to give please just do someone a favour who needs it or who you love as that’s the best Christmas present I could ever think of having. Goodwill to all! Thank you again to all those that did this for my birthday I was soo moved by the money raised and all your ‘Batch Of Kindness’ stories… As I think it was called… Silly names aside the deeds were marvellous, imaginative and so generous. Thank you Bx’


Impressive to see that this worldwide celebrity has his heart and intentions in the right place…spreading goodwill! Thank you Mr. Cumberbatch!

Benedict is the Ambassador for The Princes Trust which you can visit here: 


Lady Anglophile…Giving to her favorite charity in honor of Mr. Cumberbatch.

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14 Responses to A Message From Benedict Cumberbatch

  1. Doris Schoepke says:

    Thank you Mr. Cumberbatch

  2. Linda Hansen Nøbølle says:

    Bless you, Mr. Cumberbatch

  3. eve ford says:

    Thank benedict…
    P.s..we were hurt by the medias recent story in saying we your fans all crazy…

  4. lisa-marie Huntrods says:

    You are an indeed an inspirational, forthright, insightful, charismatic individual. Thank you for being you xxxx

  5. Nina Ghosh says:

    awww Bless you Mr. Cumberbatch….will do anything for a good cause, thanks for leading us the path 🙂 🙂 always there for YOU

  6. wikinaga says:

    Reblogged this on wikinaga's Blog and commented:

  7. Peggy Kincaid says:

    I am so impressed with our “new” type of actors who truly care for others. The list grows longer every day and who couldn’t admire and love those who think of others in need before themselves. Thank you Benedict for everything you do not just for the performances but for the big heart you have.

  8. Thank You Mr. Cumberbatch and congrats on your engagement to Miss Hunter 🙂 .

  9. Thank you Benedict and Sophie for your generous hearts. You two are a true inspiration to all of us who care about you both. Also congrats. on your engagement, I love the way you posted it in the paper.

  10. Nic Wenko says:

    Bless you, Mr. Cumberbatch. I will do anything I can to help other people.:-)
    Btw Congratulations on your engagement. I can speak for THOUSANDS of fans, when I say that we are all really, really happy for you and Sophie – even if the press and media tries to tell a different story. We’re not angry about it, we hope that you get lucky together.

  11. Bunnie Lou says:

    Thank-you ever so very much! May you and Sophie have a wonderful Holiday!! /From an Alphabet Soup fan!:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Appleyu Lee~♡ says:

    Thank you so much~~!!!!!You will always be the man i love~~~!!(>﹏<)( ´▽` )ノY(^_^)Y♡

  13. Dear Benedict, thank-you and Sophie for putting the focus on helping others instead of commercialism. 🙂

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