Richard Armitage #Ice Bucket Challenge at The Crucible Stage Door

Well Lady Anglophile has been all aflutter since Richard Armitage heard the call of The Anglophile Channel‘s Ice Bucket Challenge, stepping up to the plate with his own tribute no less than 24 hours later!

And it wasn’t just ANY ‘ol day that Mr. Armitage made his contribution to the global awareness campaign for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)….it was his birthday!

Photo Art by Ann Boudreau

Photo Art by Ann Boudreau

So, after another sweat-inducing (for actor and fans alike) performance as John Proctor in The Crucible at The Old Vic Theatre in London, Armitage got cleaned up and changed (into a nice 3-piece Burberry suit, I might add!) and came around back to the stage door…where nightly a queue wraps around the building of fans awaiting the opportunity to meet and say hello to the actor who has just bewitched them for nearly 4 hours…and every night this gracious, dedicated actor spends whatever time it takes to make his way down the line of enthusiastic well wishers, signing autographs and posing for photos…until no fans remain. I’m not sure who else does that…but it’s impressive.

On this particular night, however, the stage door attendees were rewarded for their own dedication and patience as they got to witness Armitage taking his turn at the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Armitage readies to be pelted by a bucket of ice and water...again!

Armitage readies to be pelted by a bucket of ice and water…again! (Photo: Arikisshirely.tumblr)

First mentioning his challenger The Anglophile Channel’s Marlise Boland…

And then his chosen charities: ALS, The Anthony Nolan Trust and Young Minds….he then sat down with great poise, taking in a deep breath (because we ALL know how he feels about being immersed in water…) and took it like the true English gentleman that he is. (We heard a bit of a shudder but then who wouldn’t in given London’s current temps.) Fans cheered and applauded a job well done!

For a good cause...and not just because we love him in a wet shirt...

For a good cause…and not just because we love him in a wet shirt…

And then…Armitage turned around, wet suit and all…and met and greeted each of his admirers till no one remianed. Then…hopefully…the man got to go home and put his feet up or at least enjoy a nice birthday glass of Pinot Noir!

Happy Birthday Mr. Armitage and Thank You for bringing global awareness to ALS!

Happy Birthday Richard! (Photo created by Thorin of Erebor)

Happy Birthday Richard!
(Photo created by Thorin of Erebor)

Lady Anglophile…Raising her glass to Armitage!

To Donate To Richard Armitage’s Chosen Charities Visit:

For ALS:

For Anthony Nolan Trust:

For Young Minds:

Thank you for your consideration!



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7 Responses to Richard Armitage #Ice Bucket Challenge at The Crucible Stage Door

  1. Alexandra Divine says:


  2. Peggy Kincaid says:

    I have to say thank you Richard as well for being the man he is. How many do you know who would do what he does every night after performing nearly 4 hrs and then to do it that night soaking wet, well we all knew he was a special man and this just affirms that feeling.

  3. You mean to say that he did the challenged BEFORE signing autographs??? That he did that in that wet suit? Wow…

  4. Sashi H says:

    love this man. so generous and downright decent, and absolutely marvellous human being.

  5. Meryl Butler says:

    It was great to be there and witness this first hand.He seemed to enjoy everyone singing happy birthday too! I took him two home made cakes { yes one was chocolate! }, complete with candles, napkins plates etc and some fresh strawberries. I also included a nice bottle of Merlot.So hopefully he raised a glass or two with his family Marlise 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on Richard Armitage US and commented:
    Love this!!!

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