Sexy Voice of Benedict Cumberbatch to Bring Life to Warner Bros Jungle Book

The sexy, smooth vocal talents of Benedict Cumberbatch are going to help bring to life Warner Bros live-action adaptation of  Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book as the villainous man-eating tiger, Shere Khan, nemesis to the orphaned boy Mowgli who is raised in the jungle by animals. Another Khan, another baddie….both of which Cumberbatch does oh so well!

It's Khan! Take Two!

It’s Khan! Take Two!

The film, titled Jungle Book: Origins, is to be directed by Cumberbatch’s Hobbit castmate, Andy Serkis.  Serkis, dubbed the motion capture king for his pioneering work in that genre, will be making his directorial debut with a script written by Callie Kloves daughter of Steve Kloves (Harry Potter), who is also co-writing and producing.

Although Jungle Book: Origins will be based on the classic children’s stories by English author Kipling, which center around Mowgli the boy who grows up in the jungle raised by wolves, Serkis has already described the script as as having “quite a dark take” on the original whose world “is a Garden of Eden… but also is a place of fear and a place of threat.”

Origins might have competition in Disney‘s own reboot of Jungle Book, with another Brit Idris Elba taking on the voice of Khan in that production…but if anything will get the Cumber Collective to the cinemas it’s the rich, gorgeous, baritone sounds of the CumberVoice who they’re already queuing up to hear as “Classified” in Dreamworks upcoming animated feature, Penguins of Madagascar.

Cumberbatch at his first Comic Con

Cumberbatch at his first Comic Con

Benedict recently made his Comic Con debut to promote Penguins, as well as The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, and you will see by the thunderous ovation he received that his fan base will follow him to the ends of Middle Earth…or Madagascar to see and/or hear him!

Cumberbatch, who I like to call the ‘busiest man in showbiz’, will next be seen as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game to be unveiled at next month’s Toronto International Film Festival….but not before he potentially wins an Emmy this weekend for his FABULOUS work on the hit series, Sherlock.  He’s got my vote!

Jungle Book: Origins is set for an October 2016 release.

Lady Anglophile….picturing herself as Khan’s prey, Mowgli. Is that wrong?


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2 Responses to Sexy Voice of Benedict Cumberbatch to Bring Life to Warner Bros Jungle Book

  1. Peggy Kincaid says:

    That is perfect casting. You rock Ben.

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