Richard interviewed on “Breakfast Show.” Mr. Spacey, if you can film that much, why not . . .

The Armitage Effect wonders aloud why The Crucible couldn’t be filmed in full as the clips from this morning’s Breakfast show looks fantastic. Read more!

the armitage effect

Richard appeared on the Breakfast Show on the Beeb and Marlise kindly posted it for the Anglophile Channel. He discusses The Crucible and the various elements attracting him to the production; they also touch on his work in The Hobbit and being directed by Andy Serkis, as well as Into the Storm and the challenges of an American accent. RA is thoughtful and gracious as always, and looked smashing, but what really intrigued me . . .

. . . was that snippet of video from the production itself. Because this got me thinking. If they can manage to shoot those scenes, why not shoot the whole thing? I know we are already asking for this–a DVD of the performance, that is-by petition and tweet and email and maybe by smoke signal, but seeing that footage really seals the deal for me. Thus far, from all I’ve seen and read…

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2 Responses to Richard interviewed on “Breakfast Show.” Mr. Spacey, if you can film that much, why not . . .

  1. Kathy says:

    Marlise, I have a very famous friend. She is a singer. We grew up together and she with the group she sings in, made it big in the 90’s. In fact they are still big and just recently had a number one song in Britain oh I want to say maybe 3 months or so ago. She and the group that she sings with, sang a song from a movie by Frances Ford Coppela which made it into the movie but, due to family legal rights the group was unable to record it. They sang it in Seattle when I went to see them perform and see how all the ladies and my dear friend were doing. It was so beautiful. When I asked why they didn’t record it but they can sing it in concert she said it was the way the contract is written and the Coppela family will not release the rights to let them record it. Thus, it may be the same with the Crucible. They can perform it in a theater live. They maybe able to release snippets of it here and there but the family has the say. I am sorry I wish I could give better news. Please don’t hate me everyone. I’m just the messenger.

  2. Wow, cool! I appreciate your post.

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