Adventures in England! Day #1

Thanks for joining Marlise and The Anglophile Channel Team on our journey to England to shoot new content for TAC! Come along on our adventures by following our Adventures with The Anglophile Blog! 

Travel Days Are Never Much Fun!

Travel days are never much fun. Before our journey to England we actually joined a cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, in St. Thomas for some contracted work prior to our trip to the UK.  Disembarking in Ft. Lauderdale we had to make our way to Miami where we were to board a flight to Boston to catch our connection to London. So we knew a long travel day was in store for us.

In Miami we waited out the latest storm passing over us. A bit of a delay there but we still managed to arrive Boston on time, so that was impressive. Because we are Platinum members with American Airlines, we were able to get priority check-in for our British Airways flight in Miami.

British Airways

Once in Boston we were welcomed to visit the British Airways private lounge for One World travelers. This was their Terraces Lounge…not to be confused with the much posher First Class Lounge, which I have visited on previous occasions and let me tell you…it’s nice! But as TAC does not have official sponsors on this trip…we turned left, instead of right 😉 (Note: Anytime British Airways would like to sponsor us…we would be more than happy to oblige!)

The Terraces Lounge at British Airways

The Terraces Lounge at British Airways

The British Airways Terraces Lounge offered enough amenities for our brief visit to keep us happy. A casual spread which offered Crudités and tea sandwiches along with a nicely stocked bar, soft drinks, hot tea and coffee.




Cookies always make me smile!





Nicely stocked bar.

And…my favorite Pimm’s!

It wouldn't be British if they didn't offer Pimms Cup!

It wouldn’t be British if they didn’t offer Pimm’s Cup!

Now that’s the way to start our official journey to England!

Pimms Cup! NOW I'm happy...

NOW I’m happy!

The Flight

Its an interesting cultural time warp that happens when leaving Boston’s Logan airport and boarding a flight to England with an all British crew. The brash East Coast accent that moments before had admonished me for not having my passport opened to the right page at the gate….slowly morphs into the melodic tones of a proper English accent welcoming you aboard their flight, “So kind of you to join us, Welcome!” I can almost hear the opening strains of Pride and Prejudice being played as I board the flight. And I’m certain Mr. Darcy is flying the plane!

As we turn right toward our seats somewhere at the back of the plane…drooling as we sheepishly walk by the sleeper seats in Business class…its the dashing accent of some Colin Firth-esque voice that makes me believe my seat in Row 485 B (I jest of course…) is as good as anything in First.  Placed on each seat is a “goodie pack” consisting of headphones, a travel toothbrush and paste, along with a blanket, pillow and a plethora of entertainment offered for our upcoming 6 hour flight to London. I’m sure in First they’re enjoying Afternoon Tea by now…I try to make light of the fact that I’m not in First Class:

The one thing I can say about British Airways is they can get a jumbo jet loaded in record time. No sooner had we boarded the plane and were belted…than we were pulling away from the gate and the beverage trolly was coming by. Red wine please!


A nice way to unwind over dinner before lights out!

And no sooner had I been poured my Merlot than I proved that I am seated exactly where I belong, away from the British aristocracy in First…..


Apparently I don’t belong at the grown-ups table…because this happened one-sip in.

Trying not to think of the steak and lobster I’m sure they’re enjoying in First Class…dinner was a rather tasty curry chicken! “Turkey curry…my favorite!” ~Bridget Jones

Chicken curry, salad and lemon cake for pudding.

Chicken curry, salad and lemon cake for pudding.

And then it was time to select a movie to fall asleep to. But it’s going to be impossible to sleep if I’m watching Colin Firth’s Railway Man or Ralph Fiennes in The Grand Budapest Hotel. The problem with East Coast overnight flights to the UK is that it doesn’t get dark for very long. Before you know it the sun is rising and the trolly is coming by with croissants. So no rest for the weary on this flight. But the croissants and jam help. And tea of course! I wonder how many cups of tea I’ll have on this trip?

Tea and Croissants offered a few hours after dinner.

Tea and Croissants offered a few hours after dinner. I like the packaging.

There’s still an hour or so left to this flight. We’ll be landing soon…so I think I’ll try to squeeze in a few Zz’s before waking up in Jolly ‘Ol.

Thanks for following us on our journey!






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  1. Linda Trumbauer says:

    Enjoy – I’m with you in spirit!

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