Elyse Ashton (Host/Blogger/Senior Correspondent) began working with the founders of The Anglophile Channel over a decade ago when they cast her as Elizabeth Bennett in their production of Pride And Prejudice for Marlise’s Sense and Sensibiliteas, likely because, as a Jane Austen lover, she already had most of the dialogue memorized! Later, she was called in as a contestant when The Anglophile Channel began it’s reality series Stories From The Anglo-Files which led to co-hosting The Downton Dish, OutlandDish and PoldarkDish. About a year ago she began blogging for TAC under the heading of “Bats in My Bonnet”. She is a busy actress whose theater credits include work with Santa Monica Playhouse, Unbound Productions, DefianceTheatre Co, Grand Guignolers, Bare Bones, California Shakespeare Company, and Classical Theatre Lab. Film/TV includes MarsThr3e, Theatre Fantastique, My Haunted House, The Watermelon, The Bacchae, Born To Lose and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Her Anglomania often manifests itself in performing classic British plays, English Country dancing in historical costume and voracious reading.