Stewart Pearce at Spring Place

When Los Angelenos drive through a lashing rain storm to hear an author speak, you know that author must be someone incredibly special. Friday evening the British American Business Council hosted a fireside chat with celebrated vocal coach and best selling author Stewart Pearce at Spring Place in Beverly Hills.

James Desborough charmingly, ably moderated the evening, introduced the guest of honour, then gave us all a bit of background on Stewart Pearce and his rich list of accomplishments. The house was packed with an enraptured audience of soggy Californians eager to hear this mufti-talented, deeply mystical gentleman tell stories from his extraordinary life and give insights into his book, Diana: The Voice Of Change.

Stewart Pearce first captivated the audience with strategies on communicating with clarity, authenticity and purpose using examples from his distinguished career, then illustrated his points with positive, thought provoking anecdotes drawn from his own experiences working with a wide variety of public figures. He facilitates his clients in finding the power of their individual signature note. He stressed the necessity of changing our communication strategy until receiving the response we want. He detailed his communication work with the presentation to secure the London bid for the 2012 Olympics, vocal work sessions with Margaret Thatcher and Anthony Hopkins, even his childhood connections to royalty. Every anecdote was gracious.

The audience seemed determined to absorb every word. I noticed that no one was even checking their phone…yet another Los Angeles anomaly! Stewart Pearce is, indeed, the master of his subject.

The second portion of the evening Stewart Pearce spoke about his book, Diana: The Voice Of Change, This is not another biography or tell-all about Diana, Princess of Wales. This book’s purpose is very different. Pearce’s respect and love for his subject is apparent. His private experience of working with Diana was about empowerment, focus, and finding the strength of her unique voice. This message of grace, love and transformation is something he feels compelled to share with the world. He writes that it is Diana’s legacy, but it is also the message of Stewart Pearce.

The Anglophile Channel arrived early to possibly record an interview, but instead we indulged in a fascinating conversation. We hadn’t know anything about Stewart Pearce prior to this wonderful invitation from the British American Business Council and hadn’t had time yet to read his work. We were brimming with questions which Stewart Pearce kindly and generously answered.

We hope to have the opportunity to bring you an interview with this charismatic storyteller and master of voice in the near future when we travel to England for the upcoming coronation. In the meantime, pushing back against Hollywood stereotypes yet again, we plan to read his book. And yes, for Stewart Pearce, we will happily ride though the rain!

Elyse Ashton, the author, is an actress, a voracious reader, a sometimes writer, an LA Press Club award-winning co-host of The Anglophile Channel’s Dish shows, a shamelessly enthusiastic historical dancer, and a great lover of English literature. She gives her opinions very decidedly.

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