Hot Brit Alert! EastEnders Star, Adam Croasdell, Joins Once Upon A Time Cast

Another Brit joins the cast of Once Upon A Time and Anglophiles everywhere are sighing at the latest addition….former EastEnders star, Adam Croasdell who has been cast as Hook’s father!


At a recent New York Comic Con panel, show creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis revealed that viewers will finally get treated to a backstory on Killian Jones (aka Captain Hook.)  Casting has been underway to find a Young Hook, and while no casting has been announced there…fans have already taken to Twitter to show their delight that the casting of Hook’s Daddy has gone to British (by way of Zimbabwe, Africa) hottie, Adam Croasdell.

What we know of Hook’s background so far is that his father abandoned him.  While we don’t know what his name is (OUAT fans are betting on famous pirate Davy Jones…) a casting notice recently went out for one EDWARD FINNEGAN, British (thank God) and with the following description: 

Beaten down and filled with rage at the perceived injustices of his life. While not an evil man, he’s not a good one either having lost his moral compass long ago. As such, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get what he deserves, even if he loses everything in the process….

We can’t confirm this character is Killian’s father…but it does sound an awful lot like a guy who might abandon his kid.

In the meantime, Croasdell, is no newcomer to television having played Dr. Al Jenkins on the long-running British series, EastEnders, and recently made a guest appearance on Hot In Cleveland as the Earl of ClevelandHe’s even played James Bond in a web-series called, BondJamesBond.  What perfect timing, to have a new British hottie on the scene just as talks are beginning to heat up on finding a NEW Bond. Hmmmm. 

Once Upon A Time just got hotter!

Once Upon A Time just got hotter!

But first things first, Croasdell will be reporting to the Once Upon A Time set and we can’t wait to swoon over Hook’s daddy!

Once Upon A Time airs on Sunday nights’ on ABC.

Lady Anglophile….#Hooked 

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