A Christmas Message from Richard Armitage



A Christmas Message
From Richard Armitage



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6 Responses to A Christmas Message from Richard Armitage

  1. Blessings and light, and for all.

  2. Marcia BElloube! says:

    We thank that so many pleasant moments you gave us! I wish that 2015 will be another great year in your life! Merry Christmas

  3. Connie2010 says:

    Thank you Richard for the great work you have done and thank you for the wonderful words you posted for us, now on Christmas time!
    You are indeed not only a beautiful man but a beautiful person on the inside as well and I hope nothing in the world will change this about you.
    Since your career is increasingly fruitful, I would dare to ask you not to change yourself too much into a “Hollywoodian star” and forget those three values that you appreciate most in life: humor, compassion and empathy. And, please do not forget that you are a British actor, which I personally value greatly!
    May you have a successful career ahead and a merry, merry Christmas!

  4. LadyGrayse says:

    Merry, merry Christmas, Richard! Here’s hoping 2015 brings you all your heart desires and more! Hugs!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Aw, thank you for your Christmas message Richard. You have a beautiful soul!

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