Sherlock Is Back! #NotKidding

Sherlockians REJOICE! Grab your deerstalker caps because everyone from BBC One to Amanda Abbington has Tweeted that our favorite deducing, high-functioning sociopath, Sherlock is back! #221Back!

This ‘First Look’ photo intimated that a Victorian setting might be used in what is simply being called the “Sherlock Special”

Sherlock is BACK!

Sherlock is BACK…and it’s about time!

Series Creator/Producer/Writer (all around television God), Mark Gatiss has already warned “You can expect tragedy as well as adventure.” Gatiss told Radio Times, “There are lots of places to go and a lot of surprises to come” and he says the fandom should expect tear-jerking moments! Someone IS going to die…but he won’t say who!

The script EVERYONE would love to the get their hands on!

The script EVERYONE would love to the get their hands on!

We lets hope the tragedy is not Abbington’s fabulous, ass-kicking, trained ex-assassin Mary…even though her television character has already lived longer than she does in the novels.  We love Mary and Watson together. They have fantastic chemistry…which is a good thing given they’re real-life partners.  However, if it is Mary who meets her demise you know she’s going to go down in a spectacular blaze of glory…especially if her past catches up to her.

Mr. and Mrs. John Watson

What secrets is Mary keeping from her groom on their wedding day?

At least we know Abbington is around for the special as she re-Tweeted a comment about a table read that took place yesterday.

Amanda's place at the table read.

YEAY! Amanda’s place at the table read.

Gatiss has confirmed that Sherlock will go before the cameras in early 2015 with an air date, hopefully, by the end of the year.  Perhaps even a Christmas Special? Still SO far away!

In the meantime, Sherlock stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are both about to embark on a whirlwind tour to promote The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies, which they are both in. Cumberbatch has already been on his own non-stop tour promoting early Oscar contender, The Imitation Game and the Dreamworks animated film, Penguins of Madagascar.

Sherlockian Holy Trinity

Sherlockian Holy Trinity

In the meantime you can make yourself happy by watching Sherlock re-runs on BBC America and try to deduce for yourself just which direction Gatiss is going to take the story.

Lady Anglophile…deerstalker on and ready for some Sherlock.

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