Britannia Awards: Do You Have Your Tickets and Frock Picked Out?

The 2014 Britannia Awards are just around the corner! Have you picked out your frock yet? Well you better get shopping!  You can join BAFTA/LA for an evening with the stars on October 30th and the lovely Beverly Hilton Hotel Ballroom (incidentally…my High School Senior Prom was held in that room)

Benedict Cumberbatch last year's Favorite British Artist of the Year

Benedict Cumberbatch last year’s Favorite British Artist of the Year

Join Dame Judi Dench, Robert Downey Jr, Emma Watson,  Mike Leigh, Mark Ruffalo, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as they’re honored by a host of surprise appearances and guests! Hmm, I wonder who they’ll be?  Fingers crossed they book the Cumberbabe again as he created quite the frenzy on last year’s red carpet!

Don’t miss out, book your ticket, and celebrate at this year’s Britannias!

Well…you don’t have to ask Lady Anglophile twice!

Visit BAFTA/LA for more info:,4342,BA.html

Lady Anglophile…prepping my acceptance speech!

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