MEET: Paul Boland, Director/Editor/Host

On The Red Carpet for BAFTA/LA Pre-Golden Globe event.

For Paul, it’s been an interesting and exciting adventure, being a part of creation of The Anglophile Channel. When he’s not co-producing, filming and editing for TAC, Singer/Impressionist Boland is entertaining audiences around the world. From the stages of Las Vegas to the world’s largest cruise ships, Paul has been earning standing ovations for over 20 years.


Paul has been the ‘voice’ on Match Game and The Price Is Right with Bob Barker. He has opened for such stars as Ray Charles, Randy Travis and Wayne Newton.

When TAC was launched, Paul realized there was one thing they were going to need: a cameraman and editor. With no-budget and the help of some creative friends, Paul got up to speed on Final Cut. “There were mistakes with the ‘on the job’ training, but it was always an exciting and creative process.” says, Paul. Many people ask Paul why he’s doing TAC and his answer is, “Quite simply, it’s the most creative time of my life. It’s not always easy, but it’s always fun and I get to work with my family!” What could be better than that.

Paul recently won the LA Press Club Award for Best Anchor for co-hosting TAC’s Brit Flix with Kelly, Paul and (Two Buck) Chuck.